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Author: Paul Hamm

Success is something pursued by many of us. However the idea we have as to what success is all depends on one’s mindset for success. Some think that success means having a lot of money; others relate it to having multiple viable investments. To others success comes with social elements often times related to family and personal development fulfillment; a typical corporate will view success as attaining a certain social level because of their rank at the office. Whatever your mind set for success is, you always have to look to successful people for inspiration. Therefore there here are different ways in which earlier on successful people expressed their views on success.

For anyone to be successful they need the right attitude, the cliché saying “Attitude determines altitude” is still timeless. For you have a positive attitude so as to scale up your attitude, you need to have a source of motivation; something that will keep you going and focused on your goal. Finding this is easy as compared to sustaining this motivation. We often times lose track of our goals and think that since there is no inspiration or love for what you are doing, it is no longer worth it. This is definitely not a mindset for success as it will simply make you hope for one project to another. There is no better way to express my point than Zig Ziglar did when he related bathing to motivation saying that it is a daily affair. Find books to inspire you, and dedicate an hour or two to keep you motivated.

Once you have inspiration, it is important that you work on it. Do not expect success to come to you, so you have to make a game plan. If you the best plan at the beginning of the year, make some New Year resolutions that cultivate a mindset for success. If it is a business you wish to start, make a business proposal and get in touch with investors or whoever you wish to work with. If it is in your social life, make sure you step out of your comfort zone and better your social skills. Whatever it is, make plans as to how to achieve success. You cannot linger on for an opportunity forever. Take charge of your life now.

The hindrance that many people starting out encounter is the lack of capital. I do not think that this is true. I am not saying that there isn’t an economic crisis, what I am saying is that there is a greater lack of imagination, creativity and vision. In the presence of this, any investor will bend backwards just to be a part of something well planned and unique. Albert Einstein also testified to this by saying that imagination, unlike logic takes you everywhere. So have a creative and a foresighted mindset for success.

Remember that for one to be successful, they have to be fully satisfied as an individual. Also a successful person is a leader at heart, inspiring others to become leaders as well.

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Paul Hamm has been studying millionaires and billionaires to get the best mindset for success tools to bring to you. Over ten years of personal development studies and work bring specific talents and perspective.

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